Superior Energy Services

Superior Energy was engaged in large projects in regional Texas in a highly competitive region. The high-volume recruitment required in a short time put extensive pressure on a small team and as the business grew pressure mounted.

    • Ubidy efficiently sourced over 50 critical technical positions in under a month. The conversion rate was over 80% with hiring managers impressed with the recruitment campaign and only presenting quality candidates clearly reducing their time being wasted interviewing poor candidates.

      Jeff Bryson
      Director Global Human Resources, Superior Energy Services
    • The requirements were straight forward, Superior needed Skills, Efficiency in Talent Acquisition and the ability to increase recruitment without increasing pressure on teams.

      • Solution

        Ubidy proposed a VRPO model solution which would allow Superior to access a suited Agency Panel in a short time and with Ubidy Master Users in the office could have the solution run with Candidates submitted, vetted, and reviewed before being transferred to the company ATS for interview and hire.

      • Results

        This solution saw Superior have first candidates in a week with the height of the campaign providing 30 hires every 7 days at the project.

        Superior through the Ubidy solution had Skills, Efficiency in the Talent Acquisition and a supported process for workforce building on a project.

    • Their innovative technology solution aggregating multiple agencies specifically in the remit of the recruitment campaign (discipline, location, etc.) allowed them to quickly collate, review and submit volume CV’s to internal recruitment to meet the required numbers.

      Off the back of their strong success we have outsourced all our local and global third-party agency recruitment across executive, professional and skilled hires to Ubidy to manage and execute on our behalf.

      Jeff Bryson
      Director Global Human Resources, Superior Energy Services
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