Success Stories

Ubidy operates globally and has allowed employers to not only discover talent in new regions but even across passive networks in their own local area. From mining to energy to finance and technology, Ubidy is the full software solution for managing Agency sourced talent.

      • Superior Energy Services

        Superior Energy was engaged in large projects in regional Texas in a highly competitive region. The high-volume recruitment required in a short time put extensive pressure on a small team and as the business grew pressure mounted.

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      • Global Resources Company

        With a decentralised Talent Acquisition team working from 4 countries, this Employer had a challenge with their Global Agency engagement and a critical campaign for over 140 Technology positions across multiple sites.

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      • Middle Eastern Multinational

        A multinational Manufacturing company which faced challenges with acquiring talent across borders through specific transferable visas in the Middle East.

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      • MIG Holding

        Dubai based MIG was challenged to find skills for a new division which was required for the future product strategy.

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