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      We Like To Walk Before
      We Can Run!

      • Flexible, Agile and Simple
      • Autonomous TA Solution
        Back office support, regional contact



      Employer can utilise the full technology solution with all features available and with standard technology support which is 24-hour tech support on chat and a regional
      contact as a client manager.



      • Use of technology through firewalls, networks and company browsers
      • Registration and on boarding of users with access level set or created
      • Listing of positions and agency engagement in 24 hours
      • Presentation of CV’s in an efficient manner
      • An understanding of TA needs and Agency Requirements for calibration and campaigns.


      Ubidy collaborates with clients with the
      view for growing and learning to ensure
      sustainable business and growth. For this reason, Ubidy does not charge employers
      for the use of the technology in the
      collaboration model. With very low risk
      and no cost, this is where employers
      commence with Ubidy.


      Now We Are Scaling
      Your Strategy!

      • Scalable, Continuous and Specialised
      • Enterprise Solution with Account Management, 24 hr Specialist technology support and Agency Management
      • Fees tailored to usage rates ($2,000-$5,000USD a month)



      A natural progression from Pilot this involves working in partnership to assess success through the technology and where efficiency and outcomes can be improved. Put simply we assess whether you are accessing the talent you require in the industries and region you need it through
      agencies who meet the objectives.

      We provide weekly reports and can  customise dashboard which capture how your Agency engagement is performing and where conversions can be improved and costs calibrated.

      We can also review integrations with existing systems such as Workday, Taleo or similar to share candidate details and increase the efficiency of engagements.

      Under Integration we can also look at management services and discounted fees for select vendors to allow for scalable solutions in country.

      Depending on the volume forecast Ubidy will also look at in regional and back office business support to drive the technology and service levels to increase traction, speed and response of agencies and recruitment programs.


      Now We Are One Team!

      • Integrated Operation, Dedicated Specialists, KPI and SLA Driven
      • Enterprise or Project VRPO Specialist Agency liaison team in country or in office driving volume campaigns in partnership with TA Teams or Project Owners (Price assessed based on project)



      For project based VRPO’s which involve
      Ubidy specialists in office or in country, a
      cost proposal can be provided, the cost
      is based on number of resources, time for
      campaign and volume, all of which may
      reduce the cost significantly.

      We have performed VRPO’s and this is a
      great way to quickly scale and perform
      volume recruitment through the technology
      leveraging tailored panels of agencies.

    • Ubidy Professional Services provides employers access to an entire team of industry professionals and live personal assistants, all at the push of a button.

      Virtual Assistants support performing tasks on behalf of Employers during peak hiring periods, staff leave or limited capacity.

      Services offered by our Virtual Assistants in supporting delivery via the Ubidy Platform:

      • Focal Point for the Platform Operations
      • Creation of Talent Requests
      • Creation of Opportunities
      • Agency Acceptance and Management
      • Reviewing & Collating CV’s
      • Reference Checks
      • CV Submission to TA or Hiring Managers
      • Onboarding Support
      • Reporting

      Virtual Assistants can be part time or full time for a duration meeting your business needs.

    • Ubidy and associated partners around the world also offer a diverse range of other HR Consulting Services including:

      • Retained Search – Confidential Search Feature
      • Recruitment Outsourcing
      • Development of Job Descriptions
      • Remuneration & Benefits Consulting
      • Company Culture & Employees Engagement
      • Custom Salary Survey, Benchmarking & Review
      • Organizational Development
      • Employee Handbooks
      • Pre-Hiring Testing & Background Checks
      • Exit Interview Surveys
      • Short & Long-Term Incentive Programs
      • Termination Services
      • HR Compliance Audits
      • Performance Management
      • Job Description Development & Review
      • RPO
      • MSP
      • Others
    • To express your interest in receiving more information on the Ubidy Virtual Assistant or other HR related services, please complete the fields below and a Ubidy representative will contact you directly within 24 hours. 

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